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Rate $60/hr

Workshop rates vary

Accessibility pricing is always available.


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I worked closely with Michelle doing monthly divine healing sessions for the good part of a year, often with one other person and occasionally individually. Michelle is such a gifted practitioner! I consider myself an atheist and a spiritual newbie, and Michelle has been able to find me in those crowded woods of skepticism and meet me where I'm at. Most importantly, I have felt so seen, so held, so heard, so loved, and significantly changed for the better after each of our sessions. Michelle has an incredible talent for being able to understand what someone is saying without them even saying it clearly in words. Her communication as a practitioner - before, during, and after sessions - is outstanding; she's always checking in to see if clarification is needed, if there are questions, to be sure the course of the session still feels like it's focused in the most meaningful way, to see if there's anything more she can offer. If there's any one thing I can say I have felt or gained from my sessions, it has been an overwhelming feeling of love. Sometimes the sessions brought up really intense feelings, and Michelle is flawless at holding space and allowing those to emerge, and also skilled in helping to resolve and clear them. I can't recommend her enough as a loving, present, intuitive, talented guide for divine healing!    Jesi, North Carolina

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