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Guardian of the Mind: Choose Love not Fear

Do you feel the pull between hope and despair at times? I know I sure do. Now more than ever, I am hearing the call to step up my discipline to make conscious choices about the thoughts I’m thinking!

In my inbox this week, I received a message from Danielle LaPorte, another reminder that words and thoughts hold creative power. She did an experiment that demonstrates the power of words, energy and intention. Simply by talking negatively to one half of an apple and then talking positively to the other half an apple over a few weeks, the apple half receiving the negativity had far more rot while the half receiving the positivity was fairly well preserved. I recognise that at a minimum my thoughts hold power to affect how I feel in the moment and the very next choice I make. Woo. That’s potent.

I am feeling a sense of urgency to take more responsibility for what I create by using this pause of social distancing to slow down and be aware of my thinking. Honestly, at times, it isn’t pleasant. I see a fear. I see an “I’m unworthy” thought. It takes energy to be aware and rescript it. But, you know what, it is worth it! The pay off is enormous. Cleaning up my thinking is like cleaning up the old dusty garage or storage closet. Yeah, when you first take a look, it can be overwhelming and quite off putting. But, once you start cleaning it up, you realize that you spent so much energy just denying the mess. And the “cleaner” thoughts feel better. Feeling better leads to better choices. There is a ripple effect of benefit in your life.

So slow down. Be aware of your thinking. Then make a choice. Acknowledge what you see. It’s okay. Then, choose what it is you really want. Choose from the heart. The power to transmute the despair (or disgruntled) to hope is only a thought away. I’m starting to carry around a little notebook in my pocket so when I want to flip a negative thought, I can write down the positive. Like any worthy endeavor, it takes discipline.

Two books that I like that go more in depth about the power of our thoughts:


THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Stay connected: Interested in working on this together in a group over Zoom, let me know in the link below as I’m creating several offerings now.

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