• Divine Healing

    60/90 min


     It accesses and clears:

    • Inherited ancestral patternings

    • Unresolved past life issues

    • Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts

    • Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras

    • Fear programs

    It can also facilitate:

    • Having more energy

    • Healing in the body

    • Creativity

    This work is powerful and precise while also done with ease and grace. It gets to the core of issues in a way that many other methods do not. Email and text support can be provided.

  • Coaching Support

    1 hr


    Through personal exploration, we create forward movement and healing.  Our work together nurtures a greater sense of self-awareness and well being. One on one coaching is about providing support for wherever you are in the this moment toward the change you seek


    Our work can be done over the phone or virtually.  Email and/or text support are provided.

  • Workshops

    1.5/2.5 hrs


    Teachings and guided meditations for spiritual growth and community.

    These include:

    Divine Healing Group Work

    Monthly Healing Meditations:

    focus varies.

     For details about workshops click here

Payment Options:

Venmo, Square, PayPal, Check, Cash

All Appointments Are Virtual. Please Contact me at:

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Tel: 513-638-0733


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