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Wellspring Transformational Sanctuary

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Gateways of Change

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Our relationship with ourselves influences every aspect of our life. 

If we haven’t cultivated the ability to tune in to our deeper Self,

or Divine Self, we often feel at the complete mercy of our emotions, thoughts and behaviors, as well as outside influences. We can feel empty or in constant inner turmoil.  The emotional, mental, behavioral part of ourselves is conditioned by many factors such as heredity, personal experiences, and culture (just to name a few) in this lifetime and others. When we are in inner pain or our life just doesn’t seem to be working for us, we are being called to clear out the emotional, mental, and behavioral gunk so that we can connect to and create from an inner wisdom and peace that is the essence of our deeper Self. 


Divine Healing, Supportive Coaching and Guided Healing Meditations are the tools I use to help myself and others cultivate self-awareness, healing and right relationship with Self. Each process weaves in aspects of gaining clarity on what is impeding our inner wisdom and calm; asking for assistance from Divine Spirit for release and clearing; and learning to connect to that spark of the Divine within. 


How I Can

Help You

Divine Healing



This healing is based on the Spiritual Law “ask and you shall receive.” It enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns and thus frees your life force for greater health, connection and well-being. This tool is like a roadmap that uncovers core pinnings of an issue, that once are brought to awareness, begin to undo the whole unhealthy structure. The work uses self-reflective questioning to bring conscious awareness to issues while invoking the power of Spirit to do the clearing.

Our work can be done in person at the Wellspring Transformational Sanctuary or Zoom